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Erato Wellness

Erato Wellness, a new concept in the management of SPAs and wellness centers, offers to its customers moments of relaxation and well-being both in leisure and business situations.

In the best places of Italy, in the mountains, at the beach or in the city, we offer in prestigious hotels, environments aimed at projecting you to places far from the stress of working life: a return to the original dimension where body and mind coexist in full harmony.

Whether it’s a family vacation, a special event for a couple or with friends or simply a cuddle you want to give yourself, you will experience an unforgettable feeling. You will be pleasantly welcomed by our qualified staff, who will follow you throughout your journey to make you live your experience to the fullest, to make you reach a real state of well-being and serenity.

Erato Wellness brands


Within high-end hotels, usually 4 or 5-star luxury hotels, we offer you 360-degree wellness services to pamper you throughout your stay, whether for business or vacation.


Wellness centers where aesthetics, beauty and relaxation are highlighted to provide you with high quality services guaranteeing excellent results and maximum satisfaction


The pleasure and luxury of booking Wellness services or consulting with the industry’s professionals directly in your hotel room, in your villa or on your boat


Life is not to live, but to live healthy.

Passion, dedication, professionalism, love for the well-being of body and soul have always been the values that guide us every day.

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Contatta Erato Wellness Luxury SPA, il nostro staff ti risponderà nel più breve tempo possibile.


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